Captains Day

Played over two days, Captain’s Day attracted 307 golfers to try their luck on the biggest weekend of the year in the club.  Captain Chris Stevenson had organised things to a tee even, it seems, the weather, although a developing wind on Saturday made things tricky. Continue reading

Wednesday Sweep

Wednesday 21st June 2017 Continue reading

Gents & Ladies Sunday Open

Sunday 18th June 2017

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Car Parking

Car Parking

Council would ask that all members and their guests park their vehicles in one space and not over two.

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Past Captains and Prize Winners

                  Captain                                   Prize Winner

2003            K Walsh                                           B Mallon

2004            T Turnbull                                       G Best

2005            A McGlone                                      M Sloan

2006            A Cunningham                               D Dowey

2007            D McCool                                        J Knox

2008            I McMurray                                    M Campbell Jnr

2009            P Devlin                                           A Thornbury

2010            B Bateman                                      G McKee

2011            P Meehan                                       A Thornbury

2012            P Meehan                                       S Allen

2013            S Wilson                                          J Hartnett

2014            B Campbell                                     S McCabrey

2015            I Cousins                                         S Cushley

2016            M McCooe                                      B Mulligan

2017         C Stevenson                                ????

Captain’s Day  –  Family Relationships

Last year we looked at family doubles relating to Captain’s Day such as Fathers and Sons who had acted as Captain and pairs of brothers who had each won a Captain’s Prize.  While such instances are uncommon, this year has a double unique for Lurgan Golf Club and extremely rare elsewhere.

This year’s Club Captain is Chris Stevenson and his wife Joy the Lady Captain.  A Captain’s responsibilities are many and varied so to have those doubly imposed upon a couple must at times be difficult to manage.  Chris and Joy, however, are noted for their affability, dedication and organisational skills, and it is obvious to all that they are very much enjoying their roles.

One of the main roles of a Captain is to represent each one of us at the many Club and outside events throughout the year.  To have either Chris or Joy doing so would ensure Lurgan Golf Club is seen in the best possible light.  To have them simultaneously represent us is something for which we are all very grateful.  On behalf of everyone at the Club we would like to thank them for their commitment and hard work on our behalf, and for their pleasant and approachable demeanour which can do so much to foster and develop good relationships within the Club and with other Clubs.

It should also add a little extra spice to this year’s Horseshoe Challenge match between the men and the ladies.  It will be interesting to see who walks off that evening with the Shield under his or her arm!

Husbands and Wives Past Captains

While Chris and Joy have the unique distinction of serving as Lurgan Club Captain and Lady Captain in the same year, other husbands and wives have filled the roles at different times.  This is a list of the more recent ones.


Club Captain                                  Lady Captain

Mr J G O’Neill  (1978)                    Mrs T O’Neill  (1981)

Mr A Rae (1981)                             Mrs T Rae  (1972)

*Mr D J Gregg  (1982)                     Mrs R Gregg  (1998)

Mr C Welsh  (1983)                        Mrs B Welsh  (1975)

Mr H Baxter  (1989)                       Mrs M Baxter  (1995)

Mr T W Turkington  (1991)           Mrs G Turkington  (1989)

Mr J McClelland  (1995)                Mrs D McClelland  (1992)

Mr T Turnbull  (2004)                     Mrs E Turnbull  (2006)


The Gregg family have completed a variety of family doubles.

Mr H D Gregg                                        Mr D J Gregg                 Mrs R Gregg

Captain   1974                                       Captain    1982              Lady Captain   1998

President  1978/70 and 1996/97      President  2012/13       Lady President  2016



Captains and Prizewinners

Captain                                                                            Prize Winner

1989          H Baxter                                                    M McConville

1990          S McClean                                                 D Dowey

1991          T W Turkington                                        W McCleary

1992           A Rodgers                                                 K Devine

1993          T B McKnight                                            G Magee

1994           S Magee                                                   G O’Hanlon

1995           J McClelland                                             M O’Neill

1996           D O’Neill                                                   M Follis

1997           D Kennedy                                               P Morgan

1998           S Mulvenna                                              B McConville

1999           M Blackburn                                            R Porter

2000           D Murphy                                                 J Byrne

2001           T Douglas                                                 A McCaffrey

2002           W McCleary                                             S Loughran

Club Trophies

Malcolm Trophy

Mr J Malcolm was the first President of the Club and he donated its first trophy.  In those days if a player won a trophy three times he kept it and a replacement would be bought by the original donor.  As early as 1898, when the club was just 5 years old, Mr Malcolm had to purchase a new trophy as Mr J P Parke had won the original Malcolm Trophy for the third time in that year.  Because of that tradition there have been a few Malcolm Trophies.  It was won outright in 1936 by Mr Bob Dewart and again in 1952 by Mr W C Rawle.

Its current holder is Michael McSherry who scored what must be one of the lowest ever scores to win it, although for many years it was played as a match play competition.  Michael went round in a remarkable 62 shots which included 9 birdies and one bogey.

Michael McSherry  Malcolm Trophy James Hanratty 2

In this photo we can see Club Captain Alec Hamilton presenting the Malcolm Trophy to H Jordan in 1969.

Majority Cups

Reaching the age of 21 is sometimes referred to as reaching the ‘age of majority’, and when the Club reached its 21st birthday in 1914 it purchased two trophies to be named The Majority Cups.  These were to be played for in an annual Mixed Foursomes event and are still played for to this day.  In order to ensure that no further cups would have to be purchased, the Council stipulated that the ‘win three times and retain the trophy’ tradition would not apply to these cups.  At the AGM of that year the President, Mr Watson, commended the decision to purchase the cups but expressed his disappointment at this stipulation.

The winners this year were the husband and wife team of John and Margaret O’Neill who may well echo Mr Watson’s disappointment as this was their third time to win the cups.

John and Margaret O'Neill

The Johnston Trophy

The Johnston Trophy was originally a Captain’s Day prize in the early 1900s and won by one of the Johnston family.  It takes the form of an inkwell with two silver golf balls holding the ink.  These seem to have been a popular prize in those days as there is a variety of inkwells in the display of old prizes in the cabinet in the hallway of the Club.

Mr J J J Johnston presented them to the Club in 1982 and they are played for each year.  This year’s holder is Terence Eagers

Terry Eagers

The RIR Cup

The Royal Irish Rifles were stationed in Lurgan Castle at the start of the First World War while they waited to be called to battle.  When they left in 1915 the officers of the Regiment gave the Club a donation to purchase a Challenge Cup for competition among the members.  This became known as The RIR Cup.  It was first played for on Easter Monday, 1915, and is still played for on that day each year. The first winner was J S Garrick.

This year’s holder is Graham McNeill

Graham McNeill

The Peace Cup

In August 1919 Lt Col William Allen, MP, donated a perpetual challenge cup to the club and it was named The Peace Cup.  This was to mark the conclusion of the First World War and the trophy is beautifully decorated with an olive branch and topped with The Angel of Peace.

Lt Col Allen had helped in selecting and preparing members of the Royal Irish Rifles for the war and later served as their commanding officer.  He died in 1947 two weeks after being knocked down by a motor van while alighting from a tram on the Lisburn Rd in Belfast.

The current holder is Douglas Houston

The Victory Cup

The Victory Cup was presented to the Club by Mr J Johnston in 1919 to mark victory in the war.  The winner for the first two years was Mr J H O’Neile.

This year’s winner was Neale McKinstry.


Previous Captains’ Days

This weekend we will see well over 200 golfers participate in the annual Captain’s Day celebrations, but what was Captain’s Day like 100 years ago in 1917, and indeed was there a Captain’s Day then?  The Captain that year was Mr Courtney Johnston, one of the founders of the club, who had also been Captain in 1900, 1901, 1908 and 1916.

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Captains and Prizewinners

Captain                                                                     Prize Winner

1975            R Knox                                               T Fugard

1976            R Beattie                                          W Graham

1977            E Burke                                              F Lennon

1978            J G O’Neill                                         M McGleenon

1979            W Hutchison                                    J McCann

1980            G Irwin                                              J Hassay

1981            A Rae                                                 D Clarke

1982            D J Gregg                                           T Addis

1983            C Welsh                                             P McCrory

1984            T D Murphy                                      C Hatchell

1985            W T Hobbs                                        R Beck

1986            W Doherty                                        B Milling

1987            I Hanak                                              O Turkington

1988            H Hoy                                                 E Richardson

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