Note to all members – Academy usage

There have been several complaints from residents on the Antrim Road regarding balls from the driving range landing on their property. Although the mats are positioned to direct users towards the distance markers some are hitting balls towards the flags on the small greens used by newcomers to the game of golf, usually kids from 6 years upwards. This is prohibited. Also the places where some of the balls have been found would suggest that these are being deliberately hit over the boundary of the course.  This action will eventually lead to damage to property, cars and cause personal injury.  If this continues then the Academy may have to be closed.


Council are very concerned with this situation and are looking at a number of deterrents but the onus is on all members not just those that use the Academy to not only abide with the current rules but also to actively report anyone who is seen to be abusing these rules and our facilities.


Anyone breaching the Academy rules should be reported immediately to the Pro Shop or Office whereupon action will be taken swiftly.


A copy of the Academy Rules is included below.


Eamonn McCarron

Academy Convenor




General Driving Range Rules


§  No smoking in Academy Building

§  No metal spiked shoes

§  Use designated areas only

§  Strictly one person in bay when playing

§  No play in front of any bays

§  Retrieval of any golf balls is forbidden

§  Pass behind bays with care

§  Balls must be directed down the middle of the driving range in the direction of the distance markers only

§  Take care when ball lifting buggy is close to the bays

§  Do not aim balls at ball lifting buggy

§  Children must be supervised

§  It is forbidden to attempt to hit golf balls greater than 185 yards

§  Left Handed golfers are encouraged to use the Right Hand Bays (Nearest to the Golf course)

§  Patrons use this Golf Academy at their own risk



Penalty for failing to apply with Academy rules


Visitors – immediate expulsion from the range

Members – immediate suspension from the range and potential expulsion from the golf club